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Scavenger Hunt Contest!

If you find a Little Adventurer Dwelling or home in Adventureland enter our Facebook contest for a chance to win a handmade finger puppet! Visit our FB page for more details

The Legend of the Little Adventurers

American Puppet Theater

It is believed by many that wee folk live in Adventureland. They help us take care of the little animals and they help tend our gardens. If you truly believe, you may be lucky enough to spot one of the Little Adventurers dwellings or homes. Here are some tips for spotting a Little Adventurer dwelling:

  1. Look up! All of the dwellings I have found have been high in the trees.

  2. Kiddie Rides. For some reason the Little Adventurers seem to like to make their homes near the Kiddie Rides.

  3. If you find a dwelling take a picture, and if your mom or dad says it ok, post it to American Puppet Theater’s Facebook page for a chance to win a prize!

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